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Vacation Giveaway!

MannCave is giving away a Vacation to Myrtle Beach!  Spend a week in a 2 bedroom condo, on the beach with a wonderful view of the ocean, see details on

For details on the resort, see this link 

You must get to the resort on your own, there is a $200 deposit required that will be returned when you post pictures of you with the MannCave logo on the beach (to be sure the winner goes).  No sales pitches required, but you can choose to go.  Credit card required by resort for incidentals, out of our control.  Someone that likes and shares our post, Likes our main page, and comments on that post that they can go, will win this vacation on 17 June 2020.

 MannCave entered its first competition ever! The distillery entered Moonshine, Vodka and Whiskey in the San Diego Spirits Festival in late August.  This is one of the top 5 international spirits competitions in the world.  We were convinced we had great products, and it is now confirmed!

Whiskey got a Silver and Moonshine got a Bronze medal!!

Check out the site below

Adding to our lineup!

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NEW product!

MannCave has developed a Black Raspberry Gin that will be the gem of WV to honor the abundant and flavorful black raspberries growing in fields and hills across WV!  Available at the distillery now, stores in April.

Adding to our lineup!


Likely April timeframe.

We will be adding Cinnamon Moonshine to our lineup by customer request!  This will enable you to make the apple pie moonshine and other recipes without waiting!  This will also enable bars to provide you with apple pie moonshine and other of our recipes!  We will also re-publish our recipes for single drinks based on our Cinnamon moonshine availability.  You are welcome!   Estimate availability in a few weeks as we are awaiting labels.