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MannCave Distilling Inc. claims 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze and the Innovation Award at 2023 Sip Awards!

MannCave Moonshine Innovation Award

All MannCave Products claimed medals again in this international competition.

“The SIP Awards stands apart as the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition. Catering to the opinions and palates of the discerning public, the SIP Awards presents a unique, spirit judging competition, unaffected by industry bias. This pragmatic and refreshing model of evaluation provides an honest stage for feedback and recognition where top brands showcase their achievements. Winning a SIP Awards has become synonymous with elite quality as judged by the selective tastes of the consumer.

There is no better salute to superior quality and fine spirits than winning the consumer panel’s vote in a completely blind tasting. 

This brings the total international medals to 27 major international medals from: The Sip Awards, San Diego Spirits Festival, John BarleyCorn Awards and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 and 2022.

  • MannCave Cinnamon Moonshine: 2023 Gold 
    (2022 Gold)
    (2021 Double Gold)
  • MannCave Vodka: 2023 Gold
    (2022 Gold)
    (2021 Bronze)
  • MannCave Whiskey: 2023 Gold
    (2022 Silver) 
    (2021 Silver)
  • MannCave Black Raspberry Vodka: 2023 Silver
    (2022 Silver) 
    (2021 Bronze)
  • MannCave Moonshine: 2023 Bronze and the SIP Innovation Award
    (Silver 2022)
    (2021 Silver)
  • MannCave Rum: 2023 Gold
    (2022 Bronze) 
    (new in 2022)
  • MannCave Gin: 2023 Bronze
    (2022 Bronze) 
    (2021 Silver)

    More information:
    The SIP Awards are an international competition where spirits are rated anonymously by everyday consumers. The competition was created with the intent to allow brands to compete on a level playing field and to only be judged by taste without being influenced by big brands or biases. The SIP Awards are considered to be a reliable and respected measure of beverage quality ratings and allows consumer’s opinions to be heard. Pouya “Paul” Hashemi, the founder of the SIP Awards, has given smaller spirit brands an opportunity to grow and receive helpful and honest feedback from the industry’s consumers. The most impressive part about winning a SIP Award is that the consumer panel votes after a blind tasting, which doesn’t allow for any prior opinion or favoritism to exist. 

Our Distillery

SpikeWorld Enterprises Inc. has opened the Distillery under the name of MannCave Distilling Inc. in Weston, WV as of December 15, 2018.  Currently we sell our international award winning top shelf spirits on location, and in WV stores.  MannCave Vodka (80 Proof) and MannCave Moonshine (129 Proof), MannCave Whiskey (80 Proof)  Cinnamon Moonshine (129 Proof), Black Raspberry Vodka (80 Proof) all of which made from Corn and are very smooth unlike those you would normally find with typical Spirits.  The Distillery is open daily, offering Free Tastings, Free Tours (upon request) of the distillation area, explanation of the process,  and Sales of our 5 Star products.

Updates and information regarding the distillery can be found here:  Make sure you like and share our page!  

Our Products
MannCave strives to make spirits that can be enjoyed right out of the bottle. Our products are smooth, flavorful and have a clean finish, they also do not have the typical bite usually found in liquor. Click the button below to see our award winning products!

2019 - 2023 International Award Winning Spirits!

Here you will find Recipes specifically made for MannCave products. Want Apple Pie Moonshine? You will find the Recipe here. Keep checking back as we will add recipes on a regular basis to tempt you with!
Our Process
Our process for making spirits is very complex. With our goal of changing the way people think about spirits, we have tested and found ways to increase the enjoyment of the spirits without losing the natural flavors and smoothness.
Our Story
MannCave was started with a plot of dirt and a vision after a suggestion from a friend. We knew we had excellent water, a beautiful location and a good plan, so we set out to make things happen. Here you will find extensive information on how MannCave came to be, built primarily by the family through a lot of really hard work.
There are lots of really great pictures and the chronicles of how MannCave came to be. Starting in 2016, with shovels in the mud, more questions than answers and not a lot of money, this is how we built MannCave. The water mines, the water storage, the distillery and everything in between.
Videos of some of the stuff we get into, many from facebook.

TripAdvisor Reviews

star rating  The staff is super friendly and gives you a welcoming and informational tour. They take pride in their product which is amazing as well. Can’t wait to see... read more

April 3, 2019

star rating  My wife and I visited this distillery on October 19th. This was the best distillery we've ever visited. Small and hidden away, nestled in the beautiful hills of West Virginia.... read more

October 21, 2019

star rating  Great local distillery. Moonshine is perfect to mix and create your own flavored shine. The vodka has a great taste as well. Owners are super helpful and friendly, and the... read more

April 3, 2019


MannCave Distilling Inc. claims 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022!

Cinnamon MoonshineMannCave VodkaMannCave WhiskeyMannCave Black Raspberry VodkaMannCave MoonShineMannCave RumMannCave Gin

All MannCave Products claimed medals in this international competition,
considered the Oscars of the spirits industry, 2 years in a row! This brings the total international medals to 19 major international medals from: San Diego Spirits Festival, John BarleyCorn Awards and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 and 2022.

  • MannCave Cinnamon Moonshine: 2022 Gold 
    (2021 Double Gold)
  • MannCave Vodka: 2022 Gold
    (2021 Bronze)
  • MannCave Whiskey: 2022 Silver 
    (2021 Silver)
  • MannCave Black Raspberry Vodka: 2022 Silver 
    (2021 Bronze)
  • MannCave Moonshine: Silver 2022
    (2021 Silver)
  • MannCave Rum: 2022 Bronze 
    (new in 2022)
  • MannCave Gin: 2022 Bronze 
    (2021 Silver)


    More information at Forbes:
    The San Francisco World Spirits Competition Is Now The Largest In The World


    The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) has just finished its 22nd annual judging of spirits. Founded in 2000, the SFWSC is the oldest competition in North America. A total of 70 judges drawn from all over the world evaluated approximately 5,000 spirits over two weeks in April 2022.
    According to Amanda Blue, President of the Tasting Alliance, the parent organization of the SFWSC as well as spirit competitions in New York and Singapore and wine competitions in San Francisco and New York, 2022 marked the largest number of entrants that the San Francisco competition has ever received.
    Hitting 5,000 entrants for the SFWSC marked a milestone in what has been an amazing year for us. Not only is the SFWSC now the largest spirits competition in the world, but we saw growth across all spirit categories, especially RTDs.  (article continues)