Opened December 2018
International Award Winning Distillery!

Our Distillery

SpikeWorld Enterprises Inc. has opened the Distillery under the name of MannCave Distilling Inc. in Weston, WV as of December 15, 2018.  Currently we sell our international award winning top shelf spirits on location, and in WV stores.  MannCave Vodka (80 Proof) and MannCave Moonshine (129 Proof), MannCave Whiskey (80 Proof) both of which made from Corn and are very smooth unlike those you would normally find with typical Whiskey, Vodka, Black Raspberry Gin and MoonShine.  The Distillery is open to the public on Saturdays from 9am to 7pm, offering Tours of the distillation area, explanation of the process, Free Tastings and Sales of our 5 Star products.

Updates and information regarding the distillery can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/spikeworld.  Make sure you like and share our page!  

Our Products *UPDATED
MannCave strives to make spirits that can be enjoyed right out of the bottle. Our products are smooth, flavorful and have a clean finish, they also do not have the typical bite usually found in liquor. Click the button below to see our award winning products!

2019 International Medal Winner!

Here you will find Recipes specifically made for MannCave products. Want Apple Pie Moonshine? You will find the Recipe here. Keep checking back as we will add recipes on a regular basis to tempt you with!
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Our Process
Our process for making spirits is very complex. With our goal of changing the way people think about spirits, we have tested and found ways to increase the enjoyment of the spirits without losing the natural flavors and smoothness.
Our Story
MannCave was started with a plot of dirt and a vision after a suggestion from a friend. We knew we had excellent water, a beautiful location and a good plan, so we set out to make things happen. Here you will find extensive information on how MannCave came to be, built primarily by the family through a lot of really hard work.
There are lots of really great pictures and the chronicles of how MannCave came to be. Starting in 2016, with shovels in the mud, more questions than answers and not a lot of money, this is how we built MannCave. The water mines, the water storage, the distillery and everything in between.
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