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Hand Sanitizer availability:  available for order online at our shop page, or at the distillery on the shelf.

Other note:  The lotion pumps we were able to get are not designed for the hand sanitizer, and if the bottle falls over while open it will leak out of the lotion pump.  We had no choice when purchasing, it was those or nothing at the time.  

Tip:  don’t fully open the lotion pump when you get it, just turn it a quarter turn counter clockwise, squeeze the bottle a little to get the sanitizer out, then close it again to seal it.

MANNCAVE HAND SANITIZER- alcohol emulsion information

MannCave Hand Sanitizer SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

If you are in need of Hand Sanitizer, we ARE producing it NOW, (don’t forget our other products, whiskey, mooonshine, vodka and gin)    Directions to distillery HERE

Order Hand Sanitizer at our online store!

Our store is located at the top right corner of this web page!  Bottles may vary in appearance from the ones shown below.  We get what we can get.

Product registered with the FDA under WHO standards of 80% alcohol.  label here if you want to see it. We are filling orders.  

Meanwhile on our core business of high quality spirits..
If your local WV liquor store does not have MannCave, Be sure to tell them to order it from WV Bailment!

Black Raspberry Gin is available at the distillery.  Available to stores late April or early May due to COVID-19.

Cinnamon Moonshine is delayed due to the pandemic, as is Black Raspberry Vodka.