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All Natural!

Made with the clean artesian spring water coming out of two pre-1940 hand dug coal mines, all of our products are made from 100% corn, no additives, no preservatives, no coloring, no sugar.  Nothing is added to the whiskey when it comes out of the barrel, the color and taste is matured in barrel with time and patience! 

MannCave Gin: It has 6 botanicals to include the following: lemon zeste, orange zeste, corriander seed, Juniper berries, Lemon grass and Black Raspberries. Nothing else added. It is a DRY gin, as there are no flavorings, no colorings, nothing beyond the above ingredients. The Black Raspberry gives the Gin it’s distinctive color and smell.

See what the John Barleycorn Judges said about our products!
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MannCave Vodka

Smooth and refreshing taste that is hard to beat. This vodka does not have the dead taste from charcoal filtering, it has a natural clean taste that is due to the 37 distillations it goes through.



MannCave Moonshine

When you want something stronger, this international Silver medal winner provides a pleasant taste to the palate. Great for making apple pie moonshine (see recipes) or straight from the bottle. Distilled 16 times.



MannCave Whiskey

An International silver medal winner, this one is hard to beat, it does not have the initial bite that most whiskey suffers from, and it has a very pleasant smell of honey and vanilla with a very clean aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. Distilled 16 times.

Black Raspberry Gin


MannCave Gin

What happens when you put cherished WV memories in a Gin? Well it gets good, Growing up in WV we picked thousands of Black Raspberries on the farm every year for snack and treats. WV has some of the best Black Raspberries that I know of and they grow wild everywhere! Its really hard to get someone in WV to give these berries up but we decided to give it a try. Our goal was to incorporate this native berry into our Gin and we really surprised ourselves with the outcome! This Gin is made with an infusion of Juniper berries, Lemon zest, Orange zest, Lemongrass, Black Raspberries and Coriander seed. It smells of Juniper, Citrus and Black Raspberries and the first taste that hits you is the Juniper, then the Citrus, then the Black Raspberry and spices after taste leaving you wanting more. This is WV in a bottle, the best of the best. Distilled 37 times.

Cinnamon MoonShine


MannCave Cinnamon Moonshine

We took this international gold medal winner and infused it with premium cinnamon! It provides a pleasant taste to the palate and makes a great mixer for other drinks! If you like cinnamon, this one is great right out of the bottle!. Great for making apple pie moonshine (see recipes) or straight from the bottle. Distilled 16 times.

Black Raspberry Vodka